One Week

As of today there is exactly one week left until I leave for school, almost down to the very minute!  And while I’m very excited, I’m actually starting to get a little nervous.  I’m an only child so it has always just been my parents and me and this experience is going to be completely different.  But, besides having a minor freak out, there are other important thing sI have to worry about.  Tonight one of my friends form high school is having a pool party and it will probably be my last chance to see some of my best friends before I leave.  Tomorrow morning (bright and early) I’m having a yard sale to sell some of my old kid stuff.  It was fun sorting through all of my old toys and it’s hard to say goodbye to those memories but I know that some other kids will appreciate having some new toys to play with.  Other than that, this last week is about getting the last few things together that I need and spending some time with my family.  Plus, I’ll tell you this, Thursday afternoon I’m doing something VERY BIG and exciting.  But I’m not going to tell you what it is until later.  So stick around!!


About thealreadyfreshman

A brand new college freshman sharing the adventure of my freshman year and the adventures that come after.

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