Weekend up at Camp :)

This weekend I am up at Lake Ontario to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.  She has a house up here that acts as our “camp” and I LOVE coming up here to visit.  In the winter she lives in Florida but in the Summer she comes back to NY state and gets to live in this beautiful location on the lake.  There is so much to do here like kayaking, swimming off of our dock, hiking, sailing, just hanging out, or even going up to Canada for a day.  I’ve been coming up here since I was a little kid and I have so many great memories of this place.  This is where I learned to sail, kayak and play the piano and it is a place where I have spent so many great summers with my family.  This weekend I also brought my friend Sarah up to camp.  She is a great person and quite possibly the funniest person that I know and have ever met. Her and I are like two peas in a pod so this is a nice visit for us to have before we both go off to two different colleges.  Sarah and I are currently  watching the entire series of the TV show “Lost” which I have already seen and am a big fan of but last night was really fun because it was the beginning of the Olympics (as I’m sure you probably know).  After we went out for ice cream (at the best ice cream shop on the east coast ❤ ❤ <3) we came back home and watched the opening ceremony.  Today we are just relaxing around the house and having birthday cake, we’ll probably go for a swim later.  But it really is nice to be up here both visiting my grandma Betty on her 76th birthday and spending time with one of my best friends.


Pre Orientation

With 23 days left until school starts, it’s time to start thinking about pre orientation. My college has two choices for pre orientation (or you don’t have to do any and you can just come for regular orientation on the 25th).  The first choice is a community service trip where you work with a group of other incoming freshmen on an outreach project in the towns and the city near the college.  In this trip, you not only work all day at your community service project but you also sleep at the service location in a tent!  The orientation program that I’m doing is a lot different.  It’s an outdoor adventure trip where you can choose between backpacking, canoe trips, rock climbing or a combination.  My trip is a point to point backpacking trip through the Adirondacks and it is going to be AMAZING.  The trip starts at the Adirondack Loj and takes us through the stunning Indian Pass where snow can be found even in the middle of summer!  With this pre orientation program, not only do you get to challenge yourself through a difficult hike, you get to know a group of incoming freshmen very well before regular orientation begins.  So with that in mind, I’m heading off to EMS to update my collection of backpacking supplies.  At the end of the 5 day hike, the entire group participates in a ropes course and then goes to a formal dance to celebrate the week on the trail.  I guess college is LITERALLY going to be an adventure!!

Summer Job

20120724-130730.jpg. This summer I have three summer jobs. One is working at my mom’s office (she’s a lawyer). Another is babysitting my little cousin. And the last one is to walk this guy. This dog belongs to my aunt and uncle and his name is Cliffden. He’s super cute and he’s really sweet. I love sending time outside and hanging out with him during the day. My only complaint: must he sniff every rock and blade of grass on the hottest days of the summer???

Visiting Emma <3 <3 <3

It just so happens that one of my very best friends in the world lives very far away…in England.  Her name is Emma and her mom and my mom have been friends since the sixth grade.  Emma and I have known each other since we were little kids and our friendship is really a great one.  Every year, she and her mom come to the USA to visit her mom’s family who live here in NYS.  And for one weekend out of the entire year (minus Skype conversations) we get to see each other.  We usually do normal stuff like going shopping and swimming in the pool but this trip is special because she is looking at colleges in the US.  In the UK, there is a thirteenth year of high school before university.  And after one more year, Emma wants to move to New York and go to college here in the USA.  So let the college search begin…again!  Tomorrow we will spend the whole day shopping (thank you grad party money :))  but on monday we hope to go have a look at my college!  And who is the tour guide???  ME!  I’ve already promised that it will be the best college tour ever, ever, EVER.  But for now, we’re just hanging out, enjoying each other’s company and celebrating our amazing friendship.  ❤

Entering the World of College Athletics

Today I got an email from the captains of my new rowing team which was pretty exciting. I’ve always wanted to row in college and was a recruited athlete. My school is NCAA devision III so it isn’t as much of a time commitment as a devision I school but like any college sport, the training is intense and time consuming. That being said, I can’t wait to row next year!!! In the email the captains said that the coach would be sending out a summer work out plan this coming Wednesday…yay?? Hopefully it’s fun stuff like running and biking outside because I don’t know if I can handle an entire summer on the indoor rower. But no matter what, I’m ready for the challenge and the summer work out plan is just the beginning of it.

First College Reading Assignment

A while ago my college sent me my first reding assignment through the mail. It’s a book called Evocative Objects by Sherry Turkle. What it is, is a collection of essays about objects that are important to people and how said objects cause people to change their ways of thinking. At first I didn’t think I would like it…it’s just not my favorite style of literature to read. But I actually really loved it! The writing came mostly from professors from around the world and was beautiful written and the whole book was just really engaging. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great summer read.


Dorm shopping


Seems like it would be fun right?? Well in reality it’s actually a very long process of running to many stores and asking where the XL twin are located and whether or not they have non-halogen lamps. But I’m almost finished and have picked out a color scheme (which proved difficult with my indecisiveness) or purple, pink and orange with a couple green and blue accents. So pretty much the color scheme is all colors…at least it looks like I tried…right?

Hello World!

Dear anyone who reads this,
Hi! My name is Keara and this is my new (and my first) blog! I am a recent high school grad from NY state and I am heading to college in the Fall. Even though I know nothing about blogging and pretty much nothing about getting ready for college, I thought I would share the adventures of getting ready for my freshman year. So here are some of my tips, tricks and mishaps from the Summer of 2012. Thanks for reading :).